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Nothing is More Expensive than a Cheap Lawyer

Interesting article by Amy Rees Anderson from discussing the pitfalls of hiring a “cheap” lawyer.

One of the biggest mistakes I made early on as an entrepreneur was hiring cheap lawyers or not using an expensive lawyer nearly enough, thinking I was saving money for my business. But over the years, the school of hard knocks taught me just how expensive cheap legal help can be.

I don’t recall ever meeting anyone who actually enjoys writing a check to an attorney. Frankly I can’t recall meeting many people who enjoy lawyers at all – not the individuals themselves, but the idea of having to have a lawyer in the first place. Heaven would be a world where the need for lawyers didn’t even exist – where everyone could be trusted to uphold their word, where no one would ever have misunderstood expectations in their agreements, and where a simple conversation could settle any dispute that arose. But we aren’t in heaven – not yet anyway – and we certainly aren’t living in a perfect world, so the cold hard truth is that when push comes to shove, you better be hoping to heaven you have a great lawyer there to have your back.

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