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We are a full service family law firm and represent clients in a wide range of issues, including but not limited to, adoptions, protection orders, juvenile proceedings, guardian ad litem, parenting coordination, guardianship and conservatorship proceedings.


We assist clients with step parent adoptions and adoptions from foster care. We also represent clients in juvenile court or child in need of assistance proceedings involving child abuse and/or neglect. The Children’s Justice Program has put together a Handbook on Juvenile Court for Parents and the Iowa Foster and Adoptive Parents Association “IFAPA” also has a useful publication  related to child abuse and neglect proceedings titled Foster Parents and the Courts.


In general, to qualify for a protection order you have to fall within a certain category of people (for example a spouse or ex-spouse or persons in an intimate relationship who are living together). In addition, there must be an assault. Each state offers pro se forms (they can be filed without an attorney) for people to obtain protection orders.

Iowa – Petition for Relief from Domestic Abuse

Nebraska – Petition and Affidavit to Obtain Protection Order

South Dakota – Petition and Affidavit for a Protection Order (Domestic Abuse)

South Dakota code provides for stalking protection orders when a person’s acts of harassment seriously alarm, annoy or harass another person. The person against whom you seek a stalking order must have: (1) followed or harassed you in a willful and malicious manner and have done so more than once; 0r (2) made believable threats against you with the intent to make you fearful of great bodily injury; 0r (3) harassed you in a willful and malicious manner by means of verbal, electronic, digital media, telegraphic, or written communication and have done so more than once; or (4) you have suffered physical injury as an assault or crime of violence.  The person must intent to carry out the threats and have the apparent ability to do so. Click here for the form for a Petition and Affidavit for Protection Order (Stalking).

Nebraska law also provides for a harassment protection order. A harassment protection order does not depend on the relationship between the parties but requires a number of contacts that seriously terrify, threaten or intimidate the victim with no legitimate purpose. Click here for the form for a Petition and Affidavit to Obtain Harassment Protection Order.