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Iowa Divorce Class – Denison – Sioux City – Storm Lake

Iowa Divorce with Children or Custody Case – Mandatory Children Cope Class Information

In any action which involves child custody or visitation, the parties are to take a court-approved education course designed to help the parties understand the needs of the children during and after the court proceeding. Below is a list of classes available in Northwest Iowa for 2016.

DENISON: WITCC, 11 N.35th Denison, IA

Time: 6:00 PM to 10:00 PM (Thur.)

Dates: Jan 28, March 17, May 26, July 28, Sept 29, and Nov.= 17

STORM LAKE: BV Regional Medical Center -Kallmer Education Center Room AB

Time: 3:15 PM to 7:30 PM

Dates: April 9, June 18, Aug 13, Oct 8, and Dec 10

SIOUX CITY: Unity Point Hospital -Meeting Room 302A

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Iowa Divorce Class – Denison – Sioux Center – Sioux City


Iowa Law Section 598.15(1) provides “[t]he parties to any action which involves the issues of child custody or visitation shall participate in a court-approved course to educate and sensitize the parties to the needs of any child or party during and subsequent to the proceeding within forty-five days of the service of notice and petition for the action or within forty-five days of the service of notice and application for modification of an order. Participation in the course may be waived or delayed by the court for good cause…”

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