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Shared Physical Care – Parenting Time Schedules

In Iowa (and to a lesser extent South Dakota and Nebraska), shared physical care is becoming more and more common. Shared physical care parenting time schedules vary from family to family.  One of the more common schedules involves the children rotating between the parents homes on a weekly basis (with the opposite parent having one evening of mid-week visitation). Other common schedules are as follows:

5/5/2/2 Shared Physical Care Parenting Schedule

************SUN        MON      TUES      WED     THURS     FRI        SAT
WEEK 1         MOM      MOM      MOM      DAD     DAD          DAD       DAD
WEEK 2        DAD        MOM      MOM      DAD     DAD          MOM     MOM
WEEK 3        MOM      MOM      MOM      DAD     DAD          DAD       DAD
WEEK 4        DAD        MOM      MOM      DAD     DAD          MOM     MOM

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